Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Ooh watch out, here comes the big man!

Today I started work at 12, had to leave after an hour cause it was dead, food wise I've only had sugar free redbull and coffee, I've slipped back into purging everything, but the binging isn't anywhere near as bad. Also, I've managed to break that motherfucking plateau!(only by 0.8lbs but shhh!) but for some fucked up reason I believe it's because I cut 'FAT' into my thigh last night, so the punishment made me worthy of a loss, I'm such a freak! Ooh I have a new kitten too, he's so cute, he's like a little fat baby insect, so we've called him Grub! I have a an interview/audition for college on Friday and I am positvely SHITTING myself! I have to do a two minute dance piece and a monologue and I might even have to sing, other news, with my first wage I bought some Ephedrine, can't wait till it arrives!

But enough about me, kittuhs!


  1. Gorgeous!! :-)



    Fucking. Adorable.

    And congratssss. = ]