Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Day one of ze plan.

Today I've had my toast for breakfast and my butterbeans(had to have them cold because the electricity went off!) and a small braeburn apple for dinner, I reckon I'm gonna have my chicken hotpot ready meal of my tin of sausage caserole with veg for tea.
Exercise wise, I've done my shoulder presses, bicep curls and lateral raises so far, but I'll get the rest done, I need to do the dusting as well and get my bedroom tidied, Alex(the guy I met the other week) is coming for tea tomorrow and I'm making a chicken tikka korma so I need to prepare the sauce and marinade the meat as well so tomorrow's tea should be tasty... and I'm sure the korma will be nice too!

My new plannnn...

Meal plan
Breakfast: Two slices of wholemeal toast with low fat spread.
Dinner: Butterbeans, peas or kidney beans and an apple.
Tea: A main meal with veg or salad.
Exercise plan
Cardio once a day(most likely walking and/or Just dance)
Lateral raises-40
Bicep curls-40
Lunges-40 each leg
Tricep extentions-40 each arm
Wii fit super hula hoop-10 minutes
Bench presses-40
Bench presses(neutral)-40
Shoulder presses-40