Wednesday, 11 May 2011

New pictures, please tell me if there's a difference...

Right, I've taken some new photos, can you please tell meif there's any difference from the last? If there isn't, just be honest.



  1. yeah! massive difference, especially between the first and last. You've done so well(i guess it's pointless to tell you to stay safe by now?) xx

  2. OMG yes there is a difference!
    And in the politest way possible your boobs have to weigh a stone each hence why you look more like you are 150-160 lbs (or less!) rather than 190.
    Also you look way more toned!
    I always feel like I'm being really rude when I comment on if I sound rude to you I really do apologise as I really don't mean to be. x

  3. There is a very noticeable difference. I would have guessed you to be more like 175-170 and not 190

  4. There is a huge difference! Especially in the middle.
    I just wish you could see it.
    Take care xoxoxoxoxox

  5. I never thought so before, but you MUST be insane.

    There is a HUGE difference. It's almost as amazing as you are. :D