Thursday, 28 October 2010

The most horrible day ever

Well we took our cat to the vet yesterday because he had a little bit of a cough and runny eyes, she gave him some eye drops and told us the cough was just an allergy and he had a clear chest, yet she still gave him an injection of steroids, he was fine when we got him home, but once he got to bed he was coughing very badly all night. When we woke up he's stopped coughing, but within five minutes he was layed on his side with his tongue out struggling to breathe and making an awful sound, there was a massive patch of saliva on the bed where he was and he was constantly dribbling and foaming and he wouldn't drink. We were so scared, his eyes were all glassy and he was totally unresponsive, when we went downstairs he tried following us, we phoned a taxi to go to the vets but he died before we even got to the door, I'm so devastated, my poor baby boy's dead I just can't believe it, we couldn't even afford to have his ashes back, I just can't believe I'm never going to see my beautiful little boy again.

My poor little archie, I'm going to miss him so much.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

New Hair

Thought I'd just update with a picture of my new hair, mind the messy room...

So much for plans...

So much for not binging or purging, I had a little binge before bed last night and threw up, yummy! Anyway, I had a cookie today(no idea why) and a tin of mushy peas with a bit of mint sauce, I don't know what I'm having for tea, but if it's too big I guess it'll be getting purged. I'm going to go on the wii fit today, I've almost forgotten what it's like, been watching Phineas and Ferb again today, I love Phineas and Ferb! Archie's got to go to the vet today so that means I'm not going out for halloween now, great. I should really be doing something on my week off college, might go meet a friend today, it'll get me away from food and keep me active I suppose.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Oct 26 2010

Right, I'm back on track now, on my old plan as follows 500 calorie limit per day, 800 ABSOLUTE maximum if I'm mega hungry, AT LEAST an hours excercise a day,(if I don't start moving more I'm afraid I might end up regressing into my fetal form) try to avoid purging if I can and absolutely NO BINGING. Well today I've weighed myself about a million times(okay maybe five) which leads me to the conclusion that scales are utterly useless, I need some good ones. I've eaten an apple, a banana and tuna and onion salad, looks like I'm back on form, I've watched Phineas and Ferb all day,(no exaggeration) god I love that show and have also been lusting after after clothes I can't afford via the internet, tonight my plan is to dye my hair and have a midnight jog(so no one sees me) so that's pretty much a day in my uneventful life.