Saturday, 7 May 2011

So far so good...

I've done rather well today so far, had four of my meals, did my walk, tidied my room, I've been all productive, I'm proud! So here's what I've had so far...

Meal one: 2 slices of wholegrain toast with a scraping of margarine, 304 calories.

Meal two: Low fat yogurt and a large banana, 235 calories.

Meal three: Golden delicious apple and a Tesco light choices chocolate and orange cereal bar, 115 calories.

Meal four: Cod fillet with 2 birdseye steamfresh veg bags, 160 calories.

Meal five: Porridge made with water and one teaspoon of brown sugar and an apple, 236 calories.

Meal six: A cereal bar, a low fat yogurt and a fruit stick, 243 calories.

So my grand total today is 1293 calories, JUST inside my limit!


  1. Well done hun so proud of you :] x

  2. That's great! It's still below your BMR, I'm guessing, so you'll be losing weight steadily and healthily. C:

  3. this is excellent!!!! plus it all sounds very yummy!!! i'm really excited for you keep up the fantastic work!