Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Strange binge

So I had the fucking insane urge to binge, so I had this great/stupid/fucked up idea that if I do binge on sweet stuff, it has to be sweet stuff that has a laxative effect, so here I a with a bag of soft eating liquorice , a big bag of dried apricots and a big bag of dried banana chips lol... still a fucking shit load of calories, but hopefully it'll make me shit... I'll prolly still purge it though and then just drink the rest of my cider. 

Haha, my life is so meaningful... and this is me on a good day!... seriously, I went for a walk and shit, this is happy Charlotte!


  1. I'm glad you're happy today :D however, person opinion here, dried banana chips...Eugh xD not sure about the dried apricots though, any good? <3

  2. The banana chips tasted like butt hole but I was already on a roll, I finished at 1794 calories on top of my lunch and breakfast and managed not to purge and somehow managed to LOSE half a pound lol! xx