Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Scared for weigh in tomorrow

Don't want to add up today's calories

I know they're well too low, at least the heart palps have gone though

Thank you cider and Xanax

I know I won't have lost enough though

I need to make more of an effort

Hopefully I'm getting back to the old me(even if she was fucked up)

I can't continue being this size anyway

*deep breath* everything will be fine(like I believe that lol)

Also, I've been considering whether to shit into a tub or something(gnarly I know) to decipher whether I'm shitting blood, still won't stop me from using my weapon of choice though.

Maybe I should poo on that spider in my bath, show him who's boss lol, I kid I kid, I'd never do that!

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