Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Daily Update:

Right, I did it, I ate my tea!

If I want to avoid binging I need to not starve myself.


Baby corn 50 cals
Packet of french fries 88 cals
Baked potato with tuna, salad and salad cream, let's just round that to 500

So altogether 638.. shit, that's a bit low, but I don't want to eat more this late on.

Gonna do wii fit jogging and hula hoop, then Just Dance, 100 sit ups and some kettlebell training.


  1. wooooooooo, fuck yeahhhhhhh!
    well done, my darling terrorist.

  2. go ahead, babe.
    it is a bit low...try to exercise out, and then eat a bit more? i think you should do net calories for a while.. :3
    -Sam Lupin

  3. One thing I've learned from my weight loss surgery is that we can get too few calories too. Please feel free to get in touch with me if you'd like to share ideas etc... If you've got the willpower to be doing low calorie right now, holy cow you can totally own this! I'm excited to hear how it's going. :)