Thursday, 16 February 2012


Guh, my mum is a lifesaver.

I wasn't going to go to my appointment today because i can't handle the journey and she's letting me get a taxi.

But these fucking gateway counsellors are shit, they don't fucking help, I need to get a prescription and sick note too, which the gateway can't give me.
I wishI wasn't onthese shitty drugs, I hate them, I hate being addicted to them, I hate the fact I feel so crappy until I've taken them, I hate the fact I have to go to my doctor's once a month for medication and a sick note, I just want to be free.

I hate thefact that my doctors are shit and they don't believe that the tablets are addictive, has ANYONE ever heard of Venlafaxine/Effexor NOT being addictive? WTF?! They're basically saying Im lying, I can FEEL the withdrawal symptoms, the dizziness the tingling,t he mood swings!

Iwas thinking about just going to the loony bin and saying I'm having thoughts of harming myself(which is completely true) maybe I'll get some help after observation, I just need a break, I need to escape, I don't know what to do.

I just want someone to care, to look after me, Idon't know what I want but I'm slowly losing my mind, everything's just wrong.


  1. WHAT?? Effexor has SEVERE withdrawl symptoms!! I was told to not discontinue taking it suddenly under any circumstances! You need new doctors, stat. At the very least, go to the effexor website and print out the detailed drug info and wave it in their faces, and maybe some info on SSRI-Discontinuation Syndrome.

    If your docs think you can just fuck with brain chemicals and then stop suddenly and it'll be A-OK, they should lose their fucking jobs. Go in there and demand a second opinion or a new doc.

  2. The gateway counsellor totally agreed with them and said that it's just mental dependancy, when I told him the PHYSICAL effects he said we were just splitting hairs, fucking douche lol, I think I will show them the info lol.

    Oh and that's where you went lol, I've been worried about you.

  3. Venlafaxine withdrawal is a bitch :(
    Venlafaxine full stop, apparently it's screwing with my heart. And the withdrawal gives me fucked up heart feelings.

    I hope you're okay! X

  4. Ah, but you must be wrong my dear, the doctor said so! ;)xx