Tuesday, 21 February 2012

I want to be thin(like you've never heard that before)

I wish I was throwing up 5 times a day again, I wish I was back a my LW(189, still overweight lol) again.

I would never allow myself to gain back to this.


I wish I was thinner, it would make me happier, it did make me happier.

Crazy, but happy(ish), manic is good, I want that back, and more.

I want to be thinner.



  1. don't forget all the shit stuff you felt then, too, hun'.

    I was thinking of how we used to like stay up all night, talking on msn. lol. and then you used to go to bed, and I'd curl up into a ball and cr- wait, I mean, and then I'd go off to college.


    really though- time just went by so fast.
    Also- do you ever speak to tasha? (?)


  2. No never, I spoke to her a few months back, don't want to put ehr personal shit here, but I'll tell you about it when I talk to you...

    And yeah we used to just B/P all night and talk about what we were eating lol... remember when I tried to purge my laxatives, but they still worked... total fail lol.

    And yeah I know I felt shit then, but in a better way, I felt happier then.

    You need to get a facebook so we can keep in touch, loads of the cool ones from back in't day are in the group on there,we just make racist jokes and talk about shitting all day! xxx