Thursday, 16 February 2012

Dick hole

Ah well the Gateway councellor said I can't have secondary care(mental IP) because that's for people with severe mental illnesses despite me telling him about my compulsions to OD and cut and he was like "Well you haven't self harmed in months, that makes me wonder how urgent it is..." I hate it when they dare you to hurt yourself like that!

The silent therapists that just sit there waiting for you to pour your heart to them, but this guy just kept talking over me, le sigh.


  1. That councellor can go shove it.. What an ass! I really hope you can find help elsewhere, that douche is only making things worse, hun... take care <3

    (hey, myk from PT/TLH back in 2010, just popping by to say hi! u can find me at

  2. should have told him to STFUUUUUUU.

    Love and miss you.
    People are fucking stupid, and it's even more annoying because these stupid fucktards are the ones who are *supposed* to be smart. I don't know if I'm making any sense.

    BASICALLY. I love you and you better be safe. Or I'll get my fellows G4NGST3RZ on ya and MERK YOU UP.

    ;] XXX

  3. Hahaha, you fucking nutter, I should have fucking merked the fool anyway, picked up a stethoscope, slapped it round that honkeys head... he kind of reminded me of a paedo too lol xxx