Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Well yesterday I ended up having a mini binge, didn't purge, I'll spare you the gorey details, it's over now, today so far I've had, prridge with raisins and a satsuma for breakfast...
Later on I had some mini ryvitas and then for my dinner I had homemade, low fat potato salad, it was gorgeous(the big bowlful was the ammount i made for me and my mum!)

Followed by a banana...


  1. pictures is a good way to stay on track the salad looks so bright and colorful

  2. You've been doing so well, and I'm so proud of you! Stay strong.

    I saw your thing about the sub in the last one. The only reason tuna subs are high in cals, and fat is because of the mayo. I wish you could get tuna without mayo mixed it. However the tuna itself is low cal, and it has so many good things in it, such as a butt-load of protein!

    I used to be awful when it came to subs. At Subway I used to order a 12" on Italian bread, with pepperoni, salami, american cheese, and mayo. Now I always order a 6" on 9-grain wheat, with turkey, american cheese, a bunch of veggies, and mustard. Tastes better, and fills me up faster. Not to mention how much healthier it is.

    Lol, I rambled. Sorry about that. Anyway, congrats again, and keep it up. I'm rooting for you.