Sunday, 26 June 2011

I'm going to give recovery another shot.

Reasons being, I'm miserable, my life is a mess and I just bounce around the same 10lb area all the time, whereas if I recovered, I could be happy, I could have a life, I could lose weight, I could be thin and have the energy to enjoy it, tomorrow I'm gonna try eating healthy, no dairy, no junk, no processed shite, just healthy, home cooked food. I'm not gonna count calories and I'm not gonna purge, or binge, I'm really gonna give this a go, I start counselling on Wednesday as well so I'm going to ask them to refer me to the Centre for Eating Disorders.

So, meal plan tomorrow...

Breakfast: A banana chopped up with two satsumas.
Dinner: Quorn chicken fillet with vegetables and butter beans/peas.
Tea: Wholemeal tuna pasta made with tomato slim-a-soup and spices.
Plus snacks if needed, also I will work out, I'm thinking tae-bo and just dance, plus my walking, tomorrow is the start of a healthier lifestyle... hopefully.


  1. That's awesome and extremely healthy! good for you, girl! Healthy is definitely the way to go and you'll have so much more energy and feel so much more rejuvenated. I'm happy for you. :)

  2. Reading this is making me all emotional lol, just the thought of having a life free from all this shit makes me cry because it sounds so wonderful. And we can get there :) xxx