Monday, 27 June 2011

D-d-d-d-day one of trying to be normal(ish).

Here is my day in pictures, for breakfast I had a slice of wholemeal toast with a Laughing Cow Light Cheese Triangle and two satsumas and a banana...
...then seeing as though we were out today, I got a tuna 6" sub...(although I had no idea of the massive calrorie and fat content I did not purge and I will not freak out)

...followed by a satsuma, later on I had a snack of four wholemeal crackerbreads with two cheese triangles and gherkins with mild french mustard...(the stuff that looks like poo)
...and finally, I had a meat-free breaded chicken fillet with brussels sprouts, sweetcorn, brocolli, cauliflower and oven baked parsnip chips...


  1. This is super healthy and a brilliant achievement, well done :) Especially for not freaking out or purgeing even though you didn't know the calorie content of the sub xxx

  2. Wowowowowow, all of that food actually looks lovely. Even the way you displayed it. Congratulations on the new lifestyle :) I hope you can continue and let us know your results! :)