Thursday, 30 June 2011

My appointment...

Well I went to my psychiatric assesment yesterday, it went quite well and she was really nice, but I ended up tearing up like a fucking girl!

She said she had to put the overdose on my notes and I had to promise not to kill myself before she let me go lol, but it was just such a release to be honest and actually hear it all out loud and not be made to feel stupid or like she didn't want to listen.

Anyway she's referred me to the psychiatrist who will assess me, I have another appointment with her next week and they have someone who deals with eating disorders, she said they'll try CBT with me and I think I'll be getting therapy for my other mental illnesses as well.


  1. im glad that ur getting help hun dnot ake it for granted i would like help even if i dont want iti kno wi need it but cant get it

  2. It's great that you went and hopefully it wasn't as bad as you thought it would be. I'm glad you're going to be getting help for several things. CBT should definitely help with things. Yeah, so well done on going!

  3. It's great that you want to get help; awesome.

    < 3

  4. aww that's awesome you're getting help for this and trying to recover :] i'm really happy for you, and i hope everything runs smoothly. hopefully you'll get the CBT and i'm sure the therapy will help :] xxxxx

  5. starting of success :)

    I'm glad to see someone enjoys their psychiatric visits, usually everyone dreads them. It's nice to see how you're not taking it for granted and truly want the help. Keep us posted about your next assessment!