Sunday, 12 June 2011

New blog...

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  1. HI there.. i also live in Bradford. Im 24 and have had anorexia and bulimia for the past 14 years. You need to see another GP. There are many surguries and it's fine to change. Also if you still see the guy who's rude then write a letter of com plaint to the gp manager and request to see another one.

    Don't think that you need to be underweight to get help. SOmetimes people's ignorance can hurt us but if you keep asking and seeking help, you will find it. However... you are never going to get better unless you want to.

    The ED will have a purpose for you and until you can deal with that you will continue down this road and trust me where you are now.. it can get alot worse. I stumbled accross your blog and well i dont waant to be invasive but after reading a few of your posts i couldnt ignore it. Please know that the road you're on is not pretty. Death comes very very late... its not quick and painless... this road is LONG and painFUL. Permanent damage to your world in every aspect of it. There is no game to be played with ED's and i know that it's hard when you can get shunned by medical staff. But please... KEEP ASKING... KEEP SEEKING!!! Don't go further!!