Monday, 8 November 2010

My goals

I've given up on restricting, it isn't for me and throws me into a cycle of starve, binge, purge, not very fun. Anyway my bulimia has reached it's severe climax again, with me purging any food I eat, leaving me throwing up about three times a day, not the worst I've been by a longshot, but certainly not the best. Anyhoos, I've just got my new workouts today, 30 day shred and a bollywood dance workout, I've decided to do each once a day after my mum goes to bed, I have also decided on of my goals is to write at least one piece of poetry/creative writing every day, which I will post on here. So erm yeah...


  1. Hope the creative writing goes well :) good luck with not binging and purging, its only day 1 for me and I have...but day 2 will be better i hope :) x

  2. Thanks, erm I'm not even trying to quit purging, no point, I know I can't.