Saturday, 9 June 2012

I've prolly had like 3000 calories today, purged some of them, started off well, then got a chinese and barfed it back up.

I've been on two walks though, done some press ups(against the wall) and some kettle bell swings.

I want some new dumbells, ooh and I'm getting a sit up thingy.


  1. Sorry you're still stuck in this ED shit thing. A sit up thingy like the ones on TV? My mom had one when I was a kid and it was awesome to play with, she loved it though, haha.

  2. haha yes, like to take the strain off your back and shit and help you do more, I might ask for my old dumbells back from my friend, she's clearly not been using them, with her pencil arms bless her :)