Monday, 11 July 2011

Right, well I've not purged for four days and not binged since yesterday lol, so today has been completely B/P free so far, I've had a banana for breakfast, a subway turkey salad with sweet onion sauce for dinner and for my tea I'm having a pea omlette(strange combination but I'm craving peas!) I'm making it with three egg whites and a full egg.

I've had a brisk walk for an hour and a half and I've done 100 wall pressups, I plan on doing 100 more and 200 sit ups and do some shit with my dumbells too, can't wait till my new ones come, they're yellow!


  1. congrats!
    that pea omelet actually sounds fuckin' incredible
    I hope it was lolol <3

  2. It was gorgeous, I made it with salt(lo-salt), pepper, garlic, crushed chillis and tabasco sauce, I'll take a picture next time!

  3. Pea omelette does sound really good. O:
    I love yellow. :D

    < 3

  4. You deserve a mothafackin' fist bump for having a b/p free day so far. :) Congrats on what you ate! It all sounds so healthy.


  5. WELDONE!!

    Pheonix, James deleted me.

  6. yay for a b/p free day thats great