Tuesday, 18 January 2011


I don't know how many of you know about my little brother, but to give a basic summary, he had a liver transplant as a baby, as a result of his medication he has a very low immune system which means alot of time off of school so obviously he hasn't been able to interact with other children so much. Anyway he absolutely hates school and harms himself and is suicidal, he's only six years old, he has been diagnosed with depression and anxiety, but school don't take it as seriously because of his medical history, they seem to think that's the only reason he's so unhappy. Aaaaanyway, we went to see his counsellor today and it seems we are finally getting somewhere, she thinks he may has Aspergers Syndrome, I mean it's not that I'm happy that he may be autistic, but I always had an idea and if he does have it and gets a diagonosis it will be so much easier for school to help him, I'm just so so happy that we're getting somewhere, all I want is for my little boy to be happy.
On a lighter note, I binged last night and DIDN'T purge, I just thought, what's the point?! Every time I eat I purge only to empty myself to binge again, so I thought if I did allow myself to absorb the calories I might not want to binge in the morning and it WORKED! I mean it was horrible laying in bed with food inside me and I wanted to do it SO MUCH, but I didn't, it's 12pm now and I still haven't eaten today so I think my plan worked!

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