Monday, 10 January 2011


Well firstly I'm 202lbs, my lowest weight in years, so yeah I've lost 8lbs this year so far, I'm back to being empty, binging when I eat and purging everything, the only way that makes sense, my heart is being all spazzy and I'm becoming weak again, but I'll just ignore it as per. I've started to exercise again too, shock horror! 50 crunches, 50 side ways leg lifts, 50 backwards leg lifts, 50 press ups and half an hours jogging every night, it's so much easier when my life is organized into numbers, even though it's a mess I can pretend it's not, so tired though, deary deary me, infact I don't even know what I'm on about! I'm gonna shut up now, peace out x


  1. Nice blog. Always nice to get a comment on blogger, so here you go! :P

  2. Congrats on getting to your lowest weight in years! :)
    Take care of yourself xox