Friday, 24 December 2010

I don't understand my mum

She's so fucking heartless, I mean I wish I was never open with her, it just gets thrown back in my face, she just started an argument over a fucking salad, because I said on boxing day, I'll just have a normal salad, lettuce and that, egg, turkey, bit of  cheese, no restricting, andyway she totally kicks off  "Why did you let me buy fucking pork pies and quiche and everything to put on it then! We do that every fucking year! All you do is waste my money and go on about dieting!" so I said "It's not a diet, it's a fucking eating disorder!" so the bitch says "Well if you really had a problem why do you go on about it?!" she's a fucking horrible, spiteful bitter bitch I hate her! I tried saying I would eat the fucking heart attack salad and she said "No, I'm not making it now"  because she is that fucking childish, oh and she also said I've ruined christmas and I said "christmas isn't about stuffing yourself" which is true, we never finish the fucking salad anyway. I mean she can't make me out to be weird when eating like three times your fucking recomended calorie intake is fucing weird as well. I hate her so much, first saying I'm not bulimic and then making me out to be ruining christmas, she's just as bad as her fucking mother, a dried up, bitter old cow, I fucking hope I do rip open my throat and die, then she can't call me a liar, I fucking hate her!!!!!!!!!

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  1. OH hun, that sounds shitty :( I hope you manage a normal HEALTHY (i.e. balanced) salad and no purging...
    Arguments with mothers are always the worst I think, my mum denies I have an ED and will never talk about it despite the years in treatment and everything :/ not looking forward to Christmas food either
    Merry Christmas anyway, try to take care xxx